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  • Design and management plans are undertaken for the creation of new native woodlands and existing woodland.  We have our own specially designed templates which produce high quality, user-friendly reports.  Options within our design and planning process can include: a General Site Survey, a Public Consultation Process, a New Planting Design Plan or an Existing Woodland Management Plan.  As standard, we use Ordnance Survey basemaps to produce GIS digital maps using ArcGIS to accompany our plans.  Plans are often done in conjunction with a grant application and/ or a full contracting service.  An ecological survey may be required if you are planning work in an ancient semi-natural woodland, or if you hope to include ecological features in your design. You may need to know if any European Protected Species occur on your site and if they will be affected by management proposals. If you wish to see any examples of our plans, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Community planting events are something we can assist you with if required. We can organise supply of plants and be on site to give planting demonstrations, answer questions and ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Mensuration can be undertaken to assess the volume and value of a stand of trees/ parcel of timber you wish to sell.  Although we do not act as timber merchants we would be happy to offer advice and provide contacts for the commercial felling, extraction and sale of timber.
  • Beat-up assessments are carried out to assess the percentage of losses within a young plantation of trees, with the aim of replacing these trees to ensure the required stocking density.  This is essential if the woodland has been planted under a grant scheme.  This is often done in conjunction with our woodland maintenance service.
  • Woodland pest surveys are becoming increasingly important as the level of deer and grey squirrel damage increases.  We carry out thorough and user-friendly surveys, which are essential if quality timber production is a priority and there are signs of pest species being present.  A survey enables informed management decisions to be made.

    Other pests and diseases found in young and mature woodland also include: sudden oak death (Phytophthora ramorum), oak pinhole borer (Platypus cylindrus), alder dieback (Phytophthora alni), horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella), Asian longhorn beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis).  Needle blights, pine weevil damage and others are seen in conifers, but tend to be more prevalent in upland areas of north and west Britain, due to the large areas of commercial conifer plantations.

If you don't see the service you require, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are very flexible and tailor our services to suit your requirements. 


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